Bondtech Story

Bond Technology Systems, Inc., a Nevada Corporation, formed in 1997 conducts research and development utilizing proprietary technology that allows for the stabilization and preservation of nutritionally enhanced waters and ready to drink beverages and selected food products.

The Company has developed unique formulating techniques for the fortification, enhancement and shelf stabilization of bottle water, functional drinks, juices, teas, and other ready to drink beverages. The Company’s technology allows for reduced production time during bottling, significant reduction of plastic used in PET bottles, allows a wider range of nutritional additives, while significantly reducing or eliminating the use of preservatives.

The application of the Company’s technology provides a cost-effective alternative to current manufacturing processes and bottling techniques while significantly reducing the environmental impact and costs to manufacturers. The technology is highly scalable for both domestic and international markets through license, supply, and royalty agreements and is intellectually protected by trade secret formulations developed over a period of 10 years.